Frequent Urination Problem | Causes of Frequent Urination in Females

Frequent Urination Problem Are you constantly answering ‘nature’s call? Does your bladder always feel full and peeing feels like a part-time job? Does peeing keep you awake at night and busy throughout the day? The urge to pee is common and shared by all. If you pee more than normal in a day, figure out why.

Frequent peeing is common during pregnancy. Frequent urination may indicate a medical issue. Urinating regularly can be annoying, distressing, and bothersome, but it’s doable. Let’s discuss what, why, and how to stop frequent urination. Staying hydrated and using cranberry supplements are some home cures for UTIs.

Frequent Urination Problem
Frequent Urination Problem

What’s a Frequent Urination Problem?

UTIs are common. UTIs affected around 404. million persons worldwide in 2019, according to a 2022 study. The urethra gets germs from the skin or rectum, causing UTIs. Urinary tract infections can occur anywhere, although bladder infections are most prevalent.

UTIs can affect everyone, but women are more likely to have them. Since the female urethra is shorter than the male, pee flows out of the bladder differently. Less distance makes it easier for bacteria to reach the bladder. The urethra’s proximity to the bacteria-rich vagina and rectum also matters.

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Frequent Urination Problem
Frequent Urination Problem

Symptoms of Frequent Urination

Any of the above causes can cause frequent urination. If you urinate more than four to eight times a day, you may have frequent urination. To diagnose frequent urination, your doctor may do urine tests, ultrasounds, or cystoscopies.

Suggested Home Remedies for Frequent Urination

Peeing regularly can happen to everyone, regardless of age or gender. Elderly and middle-aged people, males with enlarged prostates, and pregnant women are more likely to have it. Treating the cause can reduce frequent urination. Natural ingredients can also treat this condition. Try these natural home methods to stop frequent urination.

When to Seek Medical Help for Frequent Urination Problem?

There are many causes of frequent urination. Casual to severe circumstances. Thus, if you observe a change in urination frequency or pattern or are unsure how to regulate it, see a doctor. If you have the following symptoms with frequent urination, contact your doctor immediately as it may indicate a more serious issue:

  • Vomiting
  • Bloody urine
  • Lower back, side, kidney pain
  • A vaginal or penis discharge
  • Fever

Home remedies for Frequent Urination Problem

1. Pomegranate Paste

Antimicrobial pomegranate skin kills bacteria. It is particularly effective against E.coli, which causes urinary tract infections and frequent urination. To use pomegranate to stop frequent urination naturally, peel and save the skin. The skin must be ground into a paste. This paste is beneficial when mixed with a few spoonfuls of water and eaten every day.


2. Fenugreek Seeds

A study discovered that fenugreek lowers blood sugar and improves quality of life. The bioactive chemicals alkaloids, steroids, and trigonelline cause this activity. Oxidative stress, which causes diabetes and frequent urination, is reduced by its antioxidant properties. Take a little fenugreek powder or swallow the seeds every day to use them. PharmaEasy recommends Khadi Natural Fenugreek Seed Organic Powder.

Fenugreek Seeds
Fenugreek Seeds

3. Amla

Vitamin C-rich amla controls blood sugar and frequent urination. It helps the urinary system eliminate urine without overstimulating it. Amla juice helps treat frequent urination at home. Amla juice can be drunk straight or with honey. Drinking this juice on alternate days may help control frequent urination.

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4. Tulsi

Tulsi fights germs, fungi, and viruses. It treats many ailments, including urinary tract infections, in Ayurveda. A few crushed tulsi leaves can be eaten with honey. Tulsi leaves can be boiled in water to form a decoction. Drink this decoction for Tulsi benefits.


5. Cumin

A fragrant herb, cumin. It’s used to taste food and is therapeutic. It fights germs. Cumin essential oil inhibits a common urinary tract infection bacteria, according to one study. It also said cumin could treat bacterial illnesses alone or with other microbe-destroying chemicals. Thus, it may reduce urinary tract infection-related urine. To treat frequent urination, boil cumin in water and swallow it.

6. Cranberry Juice

Cranberries may treat urinary tract infections. It may be because it fights E. coli, which causes urinary tract infections. Cranberries may prevent this bacteria from attaching to urinary tract walls. This can also treat female frequent urination naturally. Cranberries can be juiced commercially or homemade. After soaking the dried cranberry in water, mix it to make juice.

7. Horse Gram

7. Horse GramHorse gram has several traditional uses. It has long been utilized in folk medicine. Bioactive chemicals in it assist in treating many ailments, including urinary problems. This works against E. coli and other bacteria. Thus, it may reduce urinary tract infection-related urine. Roast a few spoons of horse gram on a heated pan. Roasted horse gram can be eaten raw or powdered and combined with water. Regular use may yield benefits.

8. Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises improve pelvic muscles. They also boost bladder strength. Thus, they may help stop frequent urination caused by weaker bladder muscles. Here are the exercise steps:

  • Sit or lie down after emptying your bladder.
  • Keep your pelvic floor muscles tight for 3–5 seconds.
  • Relax your muscles after counting 3–5 seconds.
  • Do this ten times, three times a day. morning, afternoon, and night.
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Frequent urination in cold temperatures is normal, but a burning sensation can indicate a urinary tract infection. Doctors must be consulted.

Frequent Urination Problem Conclusion

Frequent urination can be annoying. This symptom might be caused by common factors or medical disorders like diabetes. Treatment of the underlying cause may reduce urine frequency. Amla, horse gram, Kegel exercises, and other natural therapies may also aid with frequent urination. If you pee more than four to eight times a day or have symptoms like vomiting, fever, etc., see a doctor.

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FAQ’s for Frequent Urination Problem

How can I stop frequent urination fast?

Avoid drinking fluids two hours before bed. Reduce alcohol and caffeine intake, including sodas, teas, and other caffeine-containing drinks. To prevent leaks, wear underwear or pads.

Urinating for how many times in a day is normal, after which it is a problem?

Urination might be frequent. If you urinate more than four to eight times a day, you may have frequent urination, which can have several causes. Consult a doctor to determine the cause.

Can frequent urination be due to a stomach infection?

No. There is no proof that stomach illness causes frequent urination. However, urinary tract infections may cause frequent urination.

Can Amla juice help control frequent urination?

Yes. Amla juice can treat frequent urination at home. Vitamin C-rich, it benefits the urinary system and may reduce urination.

Is frequent urination caused due to liver disease?

No. There is no scientific proof that liver illness causes frequent urination.

Can Kegel’s exercise help with frequent urination?

Yes. Kegels strengthen the bladder and pelvic floor. Therefore, they may reduce frequent urination.

Is the urge to pee frequently normal during pregnancy?

The expanding baby puts pressure on the urinary bladder, therefore pregnant women often need to pee.

Can frequent urination mean that I have cancer?

Frequent urination may be caused by bladder cancer, while rare.

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